Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Balloon Boy 2

Ahoy Maties.
The more and more I read about this story, the more it sounds like the balloon boy episode, remember that. When the whole country was watching this balloon floating around in the sky thinking there was this little kid in it, but there really wasn't. He was in the closet.

Except that this guy, Laurence Sunderland actually put his 16 year old daughter, Abby Sunderland in the balloon which wasn't actually a balloon but a 40 foot sailboat named Wild Eyes and then let her go out onto the ocean to sail around the world.

By herself.
She seemed to be doing pretty well until she sailed into the Indian Ocean which at this time of year is from what I've read one of the worst times to be out there on a sail boat, alone, because of the major storms that usually kick up out there.

Unfortunately for her, she encountered one of those storms which knocked out her main mast and basically left her helpless in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

To make a long story short.

She activates her distress signals, they send out a search plane, the search plane finds her, she is ok and is picked up by a fishing vessel.

The plot thickens!

News comes out now that the father is broke and that he supposedly signed a contract for a reality TV show that would feature his daredevil kids.

So. What do you think? Thrill seeking kid or nutcase father risking the life of his own daughter just to make a buck.

I don't know, but i'm sure we'll be hearing more about this story in the coming days and weeks ahead.

Stay tuned landlubbers.

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