Monday, June 7, 2010

City Park Grill: OUT OF BUSINESS

Another failed business in Worcester and this one only took 2 months.

When is it that the city management is going to wake up? This is what the majority of the commentors on the article are saying.

City Manager, the Mayor, all our city councilors. When are you going to wake up? Our city is not thriving. It's drowning in the abyss of high taxes, unemployment, low income housing and entitlement programs.

How about giving us a break here?

Another commentor says: "Well, I hope that one day our city government will wake up and smell the coffee...the bums need to be voted out and maybe we can get moving towards the type of city Worcester can and should be...Vibrant"

Well OK then, the city management needs to be voted out. How hard could that be? Yet every time there is an election, the same people writing the comments vote the same old, same old back into office.

All talk, no action.

Its time for a change or Worcester will be the next Detroit.

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