Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Today, I'm Not Pissed

No reason to be pissed off today. Although I haven't read the papers yet.

Usually stuff like that from my previous post doesn't bother me. Yesterday was different. Maybe it was because I wasn't having the greatest of days.

Today was much better. Worked sucked. As always, but I have no choice. I have to work or my mountain of bills don't get paid.

After getting out of work, the day turned much better. I've decided, along with my wife to work on our fitness. It's been long enough. No more sitting around like lumps.

When you start breaking buttons on the uniform pants I wear at work on a regular basis. When you bend down to tie your shoes and get up and your breathing like you just ran a marathon. When your wearing the same pants for weeks at a time because they're the only ones that fit without restricting your breathing.

Its a sign. Its a sign to get off your ass and start moving.

I can take a hint. We started walking. We did a mile the other day and another mile today. It felt good moving, except for the people with their dogs. The walk felt great.

Going back to the dog thing. Whats up people? Bring your dog somewhere else to shit.

There a hundreds of people walking and running the trails. I don't need to see your dog out for a stroll so he can shit in the middle of the path and then I have to go around you as you bend down to pick it up. Go off into the woods or something.

I can't let my kid ride his bike on the path (per the rules) but you can take your dog in there to shit. Do us all a favor. Keep the dog at home.

That's really it for this post. The title did say "I'm not pissed". I better stop while I'm ahead. Tomorrow the kids are all into the sports things so we'll have to squeeze in a walk in between practices. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

See ya

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