Sunday, April 18, 2010

Even In Death, Kennedy Is Costing Us Money

This is really upsetting. As if I don't have enough to pay for.

I just read in the Boston Herald how Sen. John F. Kerry and Rep Edward J. Markey are putting the taxpayers on the hook for a temple for the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

How's $68 million sound to you?

Sen. Kerry and Rep. Markey, first of all. I don't care about a temple to the late Sen. Kennedy. This is not the time to be worried about paying for a shrine.

Maybe a small section in the Welfare office could be put aside with the late Senators picture, put a few candles bought from Target in there and there you have it. Instant shrine. Probably cost you no more than $100 at the most. Far less than your ridiculous $68 million.

Use your time and energy on the real issues that are burdening this state. Start with jobs.

But if you must, why not tap into some of that Kennedy fortune. There's a great piece of property in Hyannis Ma. that could be sold off to fund part of the construction. The taxpayer should not be forced to pay a single dime for this "Temple".

How does everyone else feel about this? I'm curious to see how many will be happy to flip the bill.

See you in November.

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