Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Pissed

This may be a ramble, and it's probably not even worth writing about, but I really don't have anything else to write about today so when I read this it kind of ahhh, pissed me off a bit.

It pisses me off when mainstream papers write about when civilians die in the war over in Afghanistan and they print it up in a way that makes it look like our troops are the bad guys.

I'm talking about the latest article in the New York Times, and I'm sure in countless other papers. The article about Civilians in Afghanistan killed as U.S. Troops fire on Afghan bus.

So some innocent civilians were killed. It sucks and its too bad that it had to happen but don't write your headlines making it out like the U.S. troops are the bad guys.

Give these guys some credit before shitting all over them. Regardless of your thoughts on the war. These are your kids over there fighting everyday. Risking their young lives for you.


They're out there fighting an enemy that looks like any civilian on the street in Afghanistan. At any given moment any innocent looking person can turn on them with some home made device or suicide bombing.

This is a war and "War is hell". Shit happens and it happens for a reason. Its not always a happy ending but if for any reason they felt threatened then they had every right to fire on them.

So enough with the shitting on the U.S. Troops. We have enough problems over here in the states to worry about. Let them do their jobs and stop bowing down to the other side.


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