Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The doctor will see you now.


  1. First I have to say that i'm no expert in healthcare. It's just my opinion. Although I agree with our healthcare being expensive. I don't agree with some of what the article says. I honestly believe some, not all of the unneeded treatments are due to doctors covering their asses from malpractice law suits.
    To much government regulation is the other cause for the high costs. The Healthcare industry was already regulated to the hilt prior to this so called reform bullshit that was signed, and what did it do to control costs? Nothing. Everything was passed down to the consumer. The same will happen with Obamacare. Yes, someone has to pay, but in the long run it will still be us. This will do nothing to control costs. I hope you don't get sick.

  2. How many if those nations on that list have socialized health care? And how many have better infant mortality rates, better birth survival rates, and healthier citizens?

    When you begin to realize how expensive our 'free market' system is combined with how inefficient it is compared to the 'line standing socialists' you might recognize the flaws that need correcting.

    My father almost went into an undiagnosed diabetic coma last summer because his PCP was on vacation and any endochrinologist from Blue Cross was unavailable for 6 months. You can't get what you need for diabetes without a prescription from an endochrinologist.

    Blue Cross was dropped by the City this past fall because it is too expensive. His new HMO has one authorized endochrinologist. Guess how long his wait is now?

    I don't think the recent bill was the best solution, but to think that our current system is perfect as is baffles me.
    When did it become acceptable for speculators and businessmen to profit off of people's health problems?

  3. It's hard to judge anything from a chart, especially when in the case of this administration, its easy to play with numbers and make things look anyway you want.

    As for our 'Free Market". Is it really 'Free'?

    I'm sorry to hear about what your father had to go through. It sucks that you pay into this so called insurance only to get screwed in the end. I truely hope all is well with him now.

    Thanks for all your comments. I really didn't think it would go this far. I'm not really that good at this blogging stuff but this one struck a nerve. Take care.