Friday, May 7, 2010

Clive Is Spot On.........Again!

I just don't get how the Worcester School Committee is going to cut 54 teachers, and then they go and vote to create another layer of bureaucracy in the already tangled web that we call the Worcester Public School System.

I wonder whose relative will be hired for this job.

Read more about it in Clive McFarlane's article in the Worcester Telegram titled: Get sensible, don’t waste school money

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  1. Chris, by and large I agree with both you and Clive. Just to clarify, though, the vote on the accountability post took place last spring (for this year's budget) and passed on a 5-2.
    A request that the superintendent not fill the position went 3-3 (Mayor O'Brien absent) a few weeks ago.
    And while we can take money out of the administative budget, say, for the coming year, we cannot keep the superintendent from filling the position, if she can find the money in that account to do so.