Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Can't Stand It!

I was bored so I decided to come up with a list of 10 things I can't stand.

  1. Hurricanes. I finally get a chance to get away for the weekend and I have to deal with Earl.
  2. School starting before Labor Day.
  3. Fat free peanut butter.
  4. Hard Boiled eggs that just don't want to be peeled.
  5. Worcester Politics.
  6. A cat that doesn't shit in the litter box. WTF is up with that cat?
  7. Cooking with propane.
  8. Car inspections
  9. Humidity
  10. Press 1 for english. Press 2 for spanish.

Thats it. Whats on your list?

1 comment:

  1. I Can't Stand...

    1. People who throw cigarette butts out of their car.
    2. School buses back on the road.
    3. Store brand ketchup.
    4. Comments on how businesses should be run from people who have never run a business.
    5. Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, lookin' like a fool....
    6. Being called ''you guys'' by the 20-something waitress at the trendy restaurant.
    7. Yellow journalism on any network (Breaking news!!!!).
    8. Fancy names for not-so-fancy food (what the hell is day-boat cod?).
    9. Loss of regional speech dialects. Everyone sounds like some generic tv personality today.
    10. The entitlement mentality of much of America.