Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coming Soon To A November Election Near You

With November just around the corner, with it brings the mid term elections and as reported in the telegram another round of ballot questions.

The two that caught my eye was the first question which will give the voters the chance to repeal the alcohol tax.

And the third question which gives voters a chance to lower the sales tax from 6.25% to 3%.

So whats it going to be this time around. In a time when people are out of jobs and struggling to pay their bills, how are they going to vote?

What scare tactics will the opposition use this time around to get voters to vote in their favor?

I'm with lowering and repealing. I don't care about what they say. How, if this passes we will just raise another one of the many taxes that are a burden to most Massachusetts residence.

It's time for the people of this state to make a stand for themselves and not have these corrupt politicians dictate what is good for us.

Wake up Massachusetts. This may be our best chance to let these politicians know that enough is enough. Don't let this chance pass you by. Again.

Get out there and vote.

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